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Extra-Life 2018

Hey everybody Kate here!

 We are excited to announce our fourth year participating in the Childrens Miracle Network charity, Extra-Life!

We have formed a team of friends and will be taking donations towards childrens hospitals around the U.S. through a 24hr live charity stream on Twitch November 3rd 2018. 

 Last year we raised the most money we have yet and we would like to raise that bar once again! We heard across the board you really enjoyed the incentives we offered last year that made you feel more involved. So we took that knowledge and ran with it!

 As with last year we will be changing up what we are doing every hour to keep things from getting stagnant (24hrs is a long time), alternating between live makeup, drawing  and video games which you can donate to choose what we draw, paint and play!

So here's what we have planned so far:

 We have a schedule started up so you can donate early and lock in the time slot and activity so you will be able to watch at a time convenient to you!

 Donations can be made towards a live makeup you want to see kate do (ex. Robots, old Greg, or glitter beards)

Custom live doodles (ex: grady's street shark Halloween costume)

Choose the video games you would like to see us play (twitch banned games obviously excluded)

Now obviously, that only leaves 24 slots open but we have a whole bunch of extra activities you can donate to watch us do. Including, but not limited too, requesting songs to be played, chubby bunny, eating weird foods and snacks, or even getting a dinosaur in ark custom named for you!

We have some tier goals set as well! If we make it to $250 in donations we will add on and extra hour to the stream! If we make it to $500 in donations all donors so far will be entered into a raffle for some children of proteus merch! And if we reach over $1000 we will plan out a 2nd 24hr charity stream for Ocean conservancy before the end of the year!

We cannot wait until let you know more developments as they come! We would like to encourage all of our followers and fans to make a donation no matter how small for this great cause.

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